Our Obstetrical Care

Affiliates in OBGYN - Obstetrical Care

Having a baby is an extraordinary experience.  At Affiliates in OB/Gyn we appreciate that each pregnancy and birth is special.  We want to support your vision for your birth experience while remembering the ultimate endpoint is a healthy mom and baby.  

We support a wide range of delivery options including natural childbirth, waterbirth, pain control with epidural, and vaginal birth after cesarean delivery.  Together with you, our goal is to avoid unnecessary intervention and cesarean sections.

Affiliates in OBGYN - Obstetrical Care

In 2015, our primary cesarean delivery rate was 11.5%.  This is compared to the national rate of 32.2% (CDC 2014).  One third of our patients who were eligible chose to attempt a vaginal birth after cesarean delivery.   The national attempt rate is 10%.  More importantly of the women attempting vaginal birth after cesarean delivery with us, 100% of them were successful.  

Affiliates in OBGYN - Obstetrical Care

We enjoy caring for both low and high risk pregnancies.  High risk conditions we commonly encounter include twins, advanced maternal age, hypertension, preterm labor, gestational diabetes, and previous pregnancy complications.  

One of our four obstetricians is always on call for you—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

In addition we have

  • Childbirth Education
  • Monthly breastfeeding classes with a certified lactation consultant
  • Lactation support for when you go home